Teen mutilated and murdered – mother seeks justice

18-year-old, Minehle 'Mini' Mfuphi from Loskop was assaulted, gang raped, stabbed and left to die on a vacant land on New Year's day.

While many welcomed the New Year with festivities, the Mfuphi family mourned the loss of their 18-year-old daughter, Minehle ‘Mini’ Mfuphi. Mini stayed over at her boyfriend’s family home, without her grandmother’s permission.

Sneaking back home in the Tatane area, Loskop at about 3am, her boyfriend, 19-year-old Ashley Khumalo, walked her home. This was when a gang of boys reportedly attacked the couple. The gang took hold of Ashley and beat him. He fled in the direction of his home seeking help, which he did not get.

Meanwhile the remaining boys forcefully took hold of Mini. Mini was stripped of her clothing, her cell phone was taken and she was repeatedly gang raped. After a while, Ashley, with a swollen face, searched high and low for Mini.

He made a shocking discovery … his girlfriend’s naked and lifeless body lying face down on a piece of vacant land. The horrified boyfriend, screaming and crying, asked passers-by to contact the Loskop police. Mini’s mother, Patience who works in Johannesburg, received the devastating news at about 7am.

“When I arrived, I saw my child in a way no mother would ever wish. My Mini’s tongue was cut out, she had multiple stab wounds on her body, her upper ears were slit open and pieces of skin from her upper body was cut off,” said the tearful mother.

“My child was to complete her matric this year; she had so much potential, only for her to be butchered like an animal,” Patience said bitterly.

The Ngibogeleni High School student was laid to rest on January 6.

“I want justice for my daughter’s ruthless murder,” said the grieving mother.

Mini’s mother told the Estcourt News that at the time Mini was about five months pregnant at the time. During the past two weeks, Patience received a call from the police informing her that four boys between the ages of 18 and 21 were arrested in connection with Mini’s murder and she was asked whether she would approve their bail application.

Patience said: “I am grieving the loss of my child I am still very shocked and devastated and the police can call me and ask whether I approve their bail application.”

Patience wants the police not to just file charges for murder and rape, but to also take into consideration how Mini was beaten and mutilated, her missing cell phone and a second count of murder for her unborn grandchild.

The suspects appeared before the Estcourt Magistrate’s Court for a bail application, which was denied and the case was remanded.

Commenting on this case, police spokesperson Captain Charmaine Struwig said: “We take this opportunity to convey our sympathies to the family. We assure her that the investigation is proceeding smoothly and that we have a seasoned detective from the Estcourt Family Violence and Sexual Offences Unit working on the investigation.”

Danielle Greaves

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