Water leak meanders into Elizabeth Avenue property

Mr Mbatha points to the water leak that is invading his home in Elizabeth Avenue.

For the Mbatha family, it’s been two years that a water leak has been invading their yard.

Water, which the family reckons is emanating from a burst pipe in a neighbouring home, has caused extensive water damage at the home in Elizabeth Avenue. Mr Mbatha says that living with a water leak has been difficult.

“When I first noticed the leak, I saw that it was not coming from my yard and I reported it immediately,” he said.

The property that the water appears to be seeping from; houses students and the property owner does not live there.
This situation makes it difficult for the Mbatha family to express their findings about the water leak, so they sought another option.

“I reported the water leak to Uthukela District Municipality on many occasions but they always say they’re aware of it. Previously I was told to negotiate with my neighbour but water is not my problem, it is up to Uthukela,” said Mr Mbatha.

In an effort to involve local government, Mr Mbatha also escalated his complaint to the Department of Corporative Governance and Traditional Affairs but has not yet received any intervention. The water leak has formed pools of stagnant water in the family’s yard.

Mr Mbatha has had to dig furrows to channel the water out of the yard.

“My main concern is the damage that is being caused to my house. Who will be responsible for repairing it? The water is seeping into the building and that worries me a lot,” he added.

Mr Mbatha’s concerns have been relayed to Uthukela District Municipality’s communication department for a response.

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Ronelle Mungaroo

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