Estcourt Christian Academy’s show night

ECA KeenFit exercise class.

Estcourt Christian Academy hosted a fun-filled evening on August 30, where the school showcased some of the many extra-mural activities offered.

Parents were invited to view the various activities that their children were involved in. The evening started with wonderful praise and worship lead by our very own school band.

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The grades R, one and two learners showed off their gymnastics skills as they did their warm-ups and walked across the balancing bench.

Little gymnasts show off their skills.

The Badgers Club consisting of grade four to eight learners intrigued the crowd with an exciting game, they also enlightened the parents about the wonderful new things they have been learning.

ECA Badgers Club.

Both the Badgers Club and the gymnastics are taught by Mr and Mrs Gosbee, retired teachers from the United Kingdom.

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The school’s most recent addition to sport and fitness is Keen Fit, which utilises CrossFit methodology. The parents watched in awe as students from grades three to 12 showed off their fitness techniques with such vitality and vigour.

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The programme is taught to the learners by their Sports Instructor, Miss Sarah Kühn. The evening was thoroughly enjoyed by all and ended with a light meal and good fellowship.

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