Powerful prayer against cannibalism

Father Madoda Khumalo at St Matthews Anglican Church saying a prayer on Saturday.

Father Madoda Khumalo called a special service at the St Matthews Anglican Church on Saturday to use prayer as a weapon of warfare against cannibalism.

The recent news of flesh eating has left our town rattled.  Father Khumalo decided that a service would be a good tool to pray for the town, the suspects and victim’s family.

Some of those who attended the special service, in prayer against cannibalism.

The church service began at 2pm and although it was not very well-supported, powerful prayers were said.
Songs of praise and worship were sung before a biblical reading from Genesis 35.

Father Khumalo’s message read:

“Every place of worship is an altar of God, but don’t restrict it to places of worship only. I speak the leadership of God over Estcourt.”

More community members in praise and worship.

He mentioned that at first graves were dug up; now people were arrested for flesh eating and encouraged those present to pray for the perpetrators and also for those who have not been brought to book, to be dealt with by God.

An open prayer session was also held during the service. Ahead of this, Father Khumalo asked that the attendees pray on three levels – to declare that God is the King of the church, continue to let Him be Lord in our families and declare His presence in the community.

Heads bowed: Praying over Estcourt and its surrounding communities.

The service ended with communion before all the attendees proceeded to the church entrance and prayed for spiritual growth in Estcourt and surrounding areas.

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Danielle Greaves

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