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This is a week in which you will tend to be thinking obsessively. It is an opportunity to learn how to better control your mind. Shift your attention to something less dramatic, such as whatever is happening this moment, rather than worrying over what might happen in the future.

Much of this week involves marking time and waiting for the right cogs to fall into place. An older person may offer you a gift from your family of origin. Perhaps it represents an ‘inheritance’ that arrives early or a special keepsake. It is meant to grace your home and increase your sense of family ties.

Mercury is poised and ready to turn direct. This time for the Twins, the area of focus is related to property, family, and issues of security. You are likely reworking things in one of these territories. Family members may be erratic or hard to pin down, making it difficult to conclude open agendas. Have patience.

Your security is enhanced through your property, your family, and your income. This is one of those ‘feel good’ periods in life. Everything and everyone are in their proper places and all is well again. After a turbulent eclipse month (August), this is your time to kick back and relax.

Activities involving education, travel and siblings are favoured. Life is less hectic and more to your liking now. This is a good time to communicate with almost anyone. A nearby road trip would be rejuvenating and it would rest your mind from the usual humdrum.

Think carefully about what is truly important to you now, at this time. Don’t allow old habits or rules from the past to make your decision for you. If you do, you will truly resent the outcome. Rise above your circumstances to a level that can see beyond your ego and the situation becomes more clear.

Social and romantic life is favoured this week, particularly after the weekend. You may be mixing business and pleasure in a pleasant combination. This is a good time to discuss issues within a relationship because you are steady of mind and likely to be realistic, in relation to yourself as well as others.

You occasionally confuse what you think with who you are. There are those who will disagree with you this week. Just don’t let it become a battle to the death. Remain aware that your identity is not at stake in this situation.

Stay awake to make note of the ‘messages’ that come your way. They say that you are on the right path. Activities involving the internet, travel, legal interests, education and publications are given positive signals. One or more opportunities from this sector may fall right into your lap.

You may come upon a momento that offers favourable feelings of love from earlier in your life. Memories, even if not codified in an object, will help you maintain your sense of balance now. You are in an effective position. Others agree with your guidance and leadership. A project begun near the New Year is beginning to blossom now.

Someone new may enter your life who will encourage you toward personal healing, diet and/or exercise. Your relationship to partner(s), whether marital or business, is favourable. This is a good time to discuss important subjects and work toward balanced solutions to relationship problems.

The Pisces Full Moon is in your sign this week. This Full Moon is exactly on the planet Neptune, original god of the sea. You may have a need to involve yourself with the arts or with beauty in one of its forms. Don’t worry about yourself if it seems like you are lacking concentration or ‘zoned out’. This is passing.

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