Mixed reactions to Drummond Park rehab project

A tree planting ceremony at Drummond Park.

Drummond Park, a picturesque open space that is situated alongside the Bushmans River.

Idyllic for leisurely strolls or even a picnic but something sinister lurks behind the large trees and long grass.

Illicit sexual activities and liquor consumption are synonymous in this park. So would the local municipality’s attempt to ‘rehabilitate and beautify’ Drummond Park cast away this shadow?

During a commemoration of Arbour Month, Inkosi Langalibalele Local Municipality held an event at the park where trees were planted and the public was informed of the future plans for this space.

In the near future, fencing, a walkway and additional park furniture and braai stands will be erected. At a later stage, plans to construct a parking area and erect gym equipment are in the pipeline.

This park project has however received mixed reactions from some residents.

One resident who called the Estcourt News on Friday afternoon said he had spotted children that looked as young as 13 drinking at the park.

“There are bottle of beers everywhere and the children looked like they are aged between 13 and 19,” he said.

Another resident said that the project was a waste of money as the equipment was likely to be stolen.

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“It will be attracting trouble in this area, drinking, drugs and more sex,” commented the resident.

Having an opposite point of view, another resident lauded the project and said it was ‘high time something was done there.”

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Ronelle Mungaroo

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