UPDATE: Locals enraged by Uthukela’s no-show at second water meeting

Councillor Edith Lite address the attendees at the water meeting last night.

Forderville and Colita residents’ anger reached boiling point last night at a water meeting held at the Forderville Hall when Uthukela District Municipality officials did not attend, yet again.

The meeting was set to begin at 6pm; after an hour of waiting, residents grew frustrated and impatient.

A phone call to Councillor Edith Lite notified her that Uthukela District Municipality officials will not be attending the meeting.

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Councillor Lite had a meeting last week with Uthukela District Municipality officials and the outcome was to call for a meeting with the affected community.

With that said no one showed up and this led to angered residents.  “Why are the officials not present? I sacrificed my time to be here.  We make so many sacrifices to pay our water bills while they sit like fat cats eating the money and we get no service. I call them up to 20 times and no one can assist me,” one man exclaimed.

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The agenda for the meeting, had it taken place, was to address and discuss the water pressure issue, upgrade of reservoir and Jojo tanks, billing and indigent forms.

During an informal meeting called on August 25, Michael Singh the regulator at the Department of Water and Sanitation together with Uthukela District Municipality delegates suggested putting up Jojo tanks at strategic points in the area.

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The above never came to pass resulting in the local municipality providing tanks. Some of  the tanks collapsed due to bad weather conditions.

After a heated argument among the residents, which focused on billing, pressure and much more, Councillor Lite called for order saying the following:

“We have a water crisis that needs to be solved and arguing among each other will not get us nowhere. Yes, your remarks are all relevant. I intervened as my ward was suffering, I have tried my best with the matter but one of the factors contributing to the problem is illegal water connections. We have found three at the new development in Rensburgdrift recently, no one but Uthukela District Municipality knows where the lines run. For now we should expose them through the local media,” she said.

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The matter has gone unresolved from February this year and to date, no clear communication has been received from Uthukela District Municipality.

One resident was heard saying with frustration: “Why has Uthukela District Municipality taken up this huge task if they cannot provide the service?”

In conclusion, residents said that their frustration after not getting any answers, resolution and explanations will lead to a protest march. After which Councillor Lite apologised for any inconvenience caused.

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UPDATE: Uthukela’s no show at water meeting