BLOG: Back to school

Nadia Buckus, certified Life Coach and Counsellor.

Nadia Buckus

At the end of summer holidays children lose motivation to go back to school.There are a few reasons for that lack of motivation.

If your children did nothing all summer long they didn’t read, write and study they just got in the habit of having fun and playing each day, it may take weeks to break this habit, but don’t run to extremes.

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Start making little changes right now to motivate your little ones to go back to school with joy, not sadness. I’ve got some tips that will help you change their opinions and encourage them to begin learning today.

Getting up from the super cosy bed early in the morning is a challenge for children who spent the holidays doing nothing.

One of the fastest ways to get your children up for school is to create something really amazing and delicious for breakfast. Smell of fried eggs or tasty fresh cooked waffles will wake them up better than anything else.

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They need to get a lot of essential nutrients to boost the brain power and memory. The main thing that your children get from the school is a new knowledge. However, not all children love to study. Some of them consider it a very boring activity and a waste of time.

When you hear your children saying they don’t want to go to school, screaming isn’t the best way out. As a parent, you should motivate them to want to know more.

When your child learns how to write, encourage them to write to anybody they really love – grandparents, friends, cousins or even celebrities from their favourite TV shows.
To be continued.

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