How are we defining ourselves as Africans?

All things are subjected to law, either directly or indirectly; therefore developmental approaches are aligned with levels of applications.

Why are we experiencing challenges in terms of social order and social justice? The role of students in our institutions is to proclaim the truth at all times, irrespective of the consequences thereof.

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They should realise that it is their duty to address themselves as African people and to show the way to freedom, not the ways that suit us when we think of obtaining and advancing ourselves, then greed and totality will show its shape.

If our responses are based on reaction, then the beauty of ourselves will perish. The fundamental knowledge of Africa is neither British, nor French, nor Portuguese, nor American, nor Dutchman, it is African. Therefore Africa belongs to Africans.

It might sound like an insult in most cases, yet it is a fundamental statement.  How can we eradicate colonial legacies?

“Decolonisation is the total eradication of colonial legacies; this cannot be done on a judicial level. We merely uphold the Constitution. The work will happen through the grassroots.” Dikgang Moseneke.

The train has derailed its destiny due to the causes we use to reach our African freedom. Our freedom is not on sale; however it is the life and death of our political core.

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How are we defining ourselves as Africans? Our soil defines us, directs us, encompasses us and enriches us.
Yet our identities are defined as the poorest nation globally. Our land has been exploited in an inappropriate manner, whereby minority rules over majority.

“The greatest of the human arts is the art of living together. The real world where men and women carried on proper business of mankind the business of living together.” Jane Austen.

Our current situation is really a concern to everyone who is carrying an African flag. Let us not be derailed by so-called politicians while our affairs are administered under a plutocratic system.

We haven’t reached our main goals as Africans.  However, our minerals are rich enough to enhance societal situations. Hence poverty is an economical term that describes an African in our Africa.
Zweli Mncube

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