#FreshTake: How to become a more responsible you

How often have you been guilty of nagging your parents brains off that you bored? Or said ‘what can we do, where can we go, there’s nothing to do in this place …?’ I recall saying this to my parents.

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In our current age, devices have bridged the gap just a little, although it’s not 100 percent beneficial for youth, I would say wash the car, feed the pets, get a job, volunteer at a non-profit organisation, and read a book or do your homework…

We need to realise that our town does not owe us any recreational activities or facilities, neither do your parents owe you a fun time. We owe the world our time, energy and talent.

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This way is the only way the world won’t be at war all the time. And not just the bombing up other countries kind-of-war, but the constant battle of things like racism, bullying and so much more.

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If we all practised channelling our energy at doing something positive, there wouldn’t be time to worry about petty things.
This is guaranteed to help us becoming more responsible people.

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You are important and you are needed. I personally feel it’s too late to sit and wait around for somebody to do something someday. Some day is now and that somebody is you!

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Danielle Greaves

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