Go with your gut

“I remember when I was enquiring about Harding Street in Estcourt town and literally every person I met, recommended that it be turned into residential units,”

Former Mayor responds to ‘misleading information’

“The blame game is not going to bring about services to the needy people and to our rate payers, where you fail ask for assistance and learn to take responsibility as a leader,”

Thank you from Iskcon Estcourt

Thank you to all the participants as well! A very big thank you to our sponsors for your kind contributions!

Renewable solar energy is the future

Global warming with rising temperatures, climate change and general environmental pollution threaten the survival of our entire planet. Renewable technology has stamped its authority as one of the most important solutions

Farewell from the Loubsers

We leave behind wonderful people who have supported us and take with us treasured memories. For this we thank you